LED street lamp and traditional energy-saving comparison

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With the increasing use of global resources, energy conservation and environmental protection have finally been put on the agenda. At present, all countries are promoting energy saving and environmental protection, and some have introduced some relevant policies. So, now we can see a lot of energy-saving products in the market. In the lighting industry, for example, LED lamps have gradually replaced halogen lamps.
First of all, the energy used by street lamps is electricity. If we want to use 60w street lamp as an example, the electricity cost incurred in one year is only 20% of the electricity cost of 250W ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp. In other words, That LED lights only 200 yuan electricity. At the moment is the best energy-efficient lighting products. Then there are some advantages of the facilities above.
The function of LED street lamp is only 25% of the ordinary street lamp, that section of copper cable is only 1/3 of ordinary street lamp, so that is a kind of saving. This is the pre-investment costs.
In normal use, LED street light 60W lamp up to 250W high-pressure street lighting. This effectively reduces the use of power. So, in the solar street light, all make. LED lights.
Due to the small power of the LED street lamp, the temperature generated is relatively low, and no high temperature will be generated. These have adverse consequences, such as, lampshade black, these LED lights because there is no infrared, and ultraviolet radiation, there will be no light pollution. More metal will not be harmful, his environmental protection is relatively high. Therefore, in the current street market, in the design of street lights, are the first LED lights.


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