The choice of lamps, you choose the right?

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What to choose lamps, the election what style, what is the spotlight? What is downlight? How much to buy? What material to buy it? ........ Let Xiaobian let you talk about the light of the selection of those things
Lighting and decoration style
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Currently on the market a wide range of lamps, from the installation in terms of speaking, there are fixed lamps, embedded lamps, portable lamps and so on. Most household lamps are mostly ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and other fixed lamps and portable lamps; and due to higher room conditions, fewer embedded lamps.
So before buying a lamp, you must do your homework well in advance. That is, to understand what kind of lighting fixtures for your own home style. Lighting color, shape, style, interior decoration and furniture must be commensurate with the style, echo each other.
Check the lamp certificate
In the selection of lamps, the first thing to be clear: the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap must be bad. A lot of cheap lamp quality, however, often hidden dangers, the consequences could be disastrous.
Next we have to check the logo of the lamp. This is like a lamp ID card, to see if the above information is complete, the product model, lamp name, frequency, voltage, manufacturer, 3C anti-counterfeit labels and other information to illustrate the lamp is qualified.
Different room lights to be treated differently
Living room should create a generous, warm and warm environment, to make guests feel at home. Generally can be installed in the center of a single or long chandeliers as the main light.
Bedroom is a place for people to rest and relax, privacy is strong, the pursuit of color in the lighting elegant, soft light, the ceiling can be used for general lighting, then the wall lamp as a secondary.
Study room lighting should be bright, gentle principle, the choice of incandescent lamp desk lamp more appropriate.
Restaurant is a place for people to eat, dining table requires horizontal illumination, it should use a strong downward direct lighting or pull down lamps, and soft lighting is conducive to enhancing appetite.
Kitchen lighting should be able to the main, generous appearance, and easy to clean. Then install some simple lighting under the cabinet to facilitate the usual operation.
Toilets should be used bright and soft lamps, lamps and lanterns should be moisture-proof and not easy to rust the light source should be incandescent.
Too bright and beautiful lights should not be long bright
Some consumers like to choose the kind of colorful lights, feel very atmospheric, very beautiful. Although the color light source and the lampshade can produce strong effects, in fact, the colorful light easily disperses human's energy and the light is not very large, which is harmful to human eyesight. And from the decoration style, it is not easy with a good effect.
Bathroom mirror light, some people think more good, it seems the bathroom will be very bright. In fact, more use of the mirror light will cause light pollution, the human eye is also hurt. We must learn to use light science and protect our eyes.
Small partners in the choice of lamps, in addition to quality, but also need to pay attention to other places. It does not mean that the brighter the better the light, the better the color. The correct approach should be to use the light scientifically, according to the need to choose the light source, choose lamps.


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