Solar lights into the rural life

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A few years ago, various cities in our country were equipped with street lights, and street lamps were rarely installed in our rural areas. Rural nighttime there is no lighting equipment, that is, at night out of a series of doors are to bring a flashlight lighting. Later, with the development of society, some villages installed ordinary street lights or tied lamp posts on the poles, which did not work well and they still needed grid-powered lighting.
In recent years, with the clean energy of solar energy familiar to the general public, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection enjoys popular support, more people are beginning to recognize the positive impact of green life to our lives, the solar lighting industry has gradually been Social recognition and development.
Integrated solar street lights are more and more widely used, especially solar street lights have gradually entered the field of vision. More and more people are beginning to recognize the advantages of Asahi Solar to this new energy source. People who choose solar energy as a new energy source are also constantly increasing. Some of the new products developed by solar energy, solar street light is one of them, solar street lamps with high environmental protection, at the same time, the performance of solar street lights is also an ordinary street lamp can not match!
With the development of the country's economy and the emphasis on rural construction, solar streetlamps are now installed in many rural areas. There are street lamps on even the remote rural roads.
Solar street lights do not need to receive electricity during the day by the solar light power supply, you can bright continuous for a few hours at night. Solar street light by solar panels at the top of solar panels absorb direct sunlight, the use of photovoltaic principles of direct sunlight into electrical energy stored in the storage battery at night through the solar street light controller intelligent control mode, the lights automatically switch , Truly unattended.
Convenient travel and ensure safety is the main role of the current street lamp. Lighting, aesthetics, the role of road signs, the symbol of civilization, street lamps have become an indispensable part of the current people's lives. As a professional R & D and production enterprise of solar street lamp, Kai Chong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. must popularize this kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting system to vast rural areas in China, lighting more good hopes for ordinary people's lives.
Suitable for all kinds of traffic roads, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas, industrial parks, parks, parking, rural areas and difficult to pull electric lighting for the night to provide road lighting!
Solar street lights have also been gradually favored by people in the city has been vigorously promoted, has now entered the countryside, adding luster to people's lives. As the inherent advantages of solar street lights, which will surely become the new darling of the lighting industry, I believe we Asahi can wireless integrated solar street lights will go further.


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