Solar street lighting campaign has started

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The so-called solar street lighting campaign is actually a battle with the promotion of green lighting, since the United States in the 1990s proposed by many countries and has begun to pay attention to many countries, the progress is still relatively slow did not achieve the desired effect of the reason Is the technology still can not keep up with ideas, the reality is far from the imagination, a lot of room for improvement but also urgently need to invest a lot of money into the industry, with individual manufacturers do not have the means to form a climate, but also the full support of national policy .
Green lighting is not just energy-saving but should also include requirements for efficiency, eco-friendliness, automation, maintenance-free, pollution-free and indoor comfort. Especially in big cities, environmental pollution is very serious, all the measures to improve the environment even if the role is not so big is worth doing, led solar street lighting not only save electricity, we know that the country now mainly from coal-fired power generation, this is still Radically reducing the amount of coal burned and reducing emissions of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide. Imagine how many street lights work every day in China, and the prevalence of electricity is high now. There are street lights where electricity is available. If each street light Replacement can save considerable electricity costs and avoid the burning of coal.
Each generation of street lamp products are greatly improved compared to the previous generation, led energy saving lamp than the previous 60% of the power savings, persuasion is still very strong, we do not use not to use newer products, innovation out of the backward Of the product is the development trend, but also shows that the development will not be in one step the road to go or have to go. Development is the need for technical support, at this point led solar light has slowed the pace of development so far, the more difficult to go up, the smaller the space, how to light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, to achieve the ultimate need to be comfortable Re-try, this battle must be long-term start.
In the rural road construction, highlighting the rural led solar street light with technical advantages, the use of solar panels into electrical energy for lighting use, breaking the limitations of traditional street lights using electricity, to achieve self-sufficiency rural lighting, Solve the rural power consumption, high electricity bills.
Unlike traditional streetlights, the brightly lit rural LED solar street lights are cost-effective because they do not need to be connected to the grid and are very viable in sunny sunshine and are ideal for off-grid use. Even after dark, solar street lights in remote areas are still working, which will raise the living standards of local people.
The new rural solar street lamps are new energy-saving and environment-friendly products. The rural LED solar street lamps with bright lighting have the advantages of strong adaptability, high stability, strong complementarity, no pollution, no noise, no radiation and long service life Environmental and load constraints, the use of inexhaustible natural resources inexhaustible renewable resources, green, will not produce any electric shock, fire and other security risks.
The rapid growth of solar street lamp market is mainly to meet the growing needs, reduce the power consumption of street lamps, residents and pedestrians to protect the safety. Under the new solar street lights embellishment, the night under the new village is particularly beautiful, warm, the village also has a little city atmosphere.




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